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Genikos Technologies, Inc. (GTI) has been the leading supplier and distributor of batteries and other stored electrical energy solutions in Manila, Philippines. A battery company in the Philippines that is consistent in providing reliable and long-lasting batteries capable of making cars and big automobiles operate, sustaining an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) in hospitals, IT infrastructures, and more for a considerable amount of time.

At Genikos, we serve you the following solutions:

VRLA Battery/ Sealed Battery 
AGM Battery 
Deep Cycle Battery 
Plante Battery 
Traction Battery 
Tubular Battery 
UPS Battery 

First from our list is what is called the Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) / Sealed / Maintenance-free batteries, responsible for the continued performance of fire alarm & security systems, private access branch exchange (PABX) systems, electronic attendance & cash registers, telecom base station & transmitter, emergency lights, power substation, medical equipment, automated teller machine (ATM) and other equipment that requires back-up power. VRLA battery is a safer option if you are in need of a sealed battery. It does not require regular watering due to its structure that makes it capable to generate water. Another main advantage of such battery is that it vents less gas unlike flooded batteries, making it ideal especially in poorly ventilated environments.

Here is another battery that was made as an alternative to Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) batteries. Although a bit costly, AGM battery or absorption glass mat has several advantages including its capability to be spill-free, maintenance-free, gas emission free and low-temperature tolerant . Its thin glass fibers hold the electrolyte, making it carry-safe. User needs not worry of proper ventilation because AGM battery does not give off gas when charged.

Deep cycle batteries are used to power forklifts, floor sweepers, energy-storage systems, recreational vehicles and boats, traffic signals and more. A deep cycle battery is another example of lead-acid battery designed to be discharged to up to 80 percent.

In 1859, Gaston Planté invented the lead-acid battery that became the first rechargeable battery for commercial use. According to Understanding Batteries co-authored by Ronald Dell and David Rand, Planté made use of spiral roll of two pure lead sheets separated by a cloth and immersed in a jar of sulfuric acid as his early model.

Vehicles like forklifts, motorcycles, trucks, cars and vans have one thing in common. They all use traction battery, a type of rechargeable battery designed to provide sustained level of power in a relatively long time.

Tubular battery is composed of special plate grids carefully designed to last more than 1000 cycles of deep discharge at 80% discharge levels in its lifetime that can last up to ten years. The said battery also has ceramic vent plugs that hold the evaporation of water content. Tubular batteries are applicable in UPS systems requiring longer power, solar systems, backup system in power stations, and more.

Tubular batteries are widely demanded due to their desirable features. These batteries have parallel tubes containing lead oxide. Unlike the sealed batteries, tubular batteries have openings that make it easier to maintain. Its rugged design makes it adaptable to extreme weather situations and could make it last a longer life cycle of up to 10 years. Tubular battery also requires lesser water and charges faster, making it ideal for heavy-duty facilities such as forklifts.

UPS batteries or uninterrupted power supply batteries work in such a way that it provides emergency power enough to enable the equipment to properly shut down. UPS batteries come in different sizes. From simple units designed to protect your personal computer or a group of computers, to large units tasked to support the operation of datacenters, billion-dollar skyscrapers, and even cities.

Aside from quality batteries, Genikos also offers chargers such as Rectifier Charger and Traction Charger.

Aside from quality batteries and chargers, Genikos provides a feeling of security that will make you move forward.

GTI have a strong partnership with Chloride Batteries S.E. Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

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CEIL EP Valve Regulated Lead Acid or VRLA Battery Commonly called as sealed battery and is used for UPS standby operations.
CEIL Tubular Monobloc Battery These type of battery is used in high-temparatures and harsh environments. Its applications are for Solar PV and Telecom Towers.
Traction Battery For Forklifts and Industrial Trucks. It is designed for heavy-load applications and has a long-running time.
Chloride Powersafe VRLA These Maintenance free is for telecom applications. Designed for more than a decade of use.
C. Tubular
Chloride Tubular OPzS It has a very low maintenance feature suited for solar / renewable energy use. 15 years of life span extended by the recombination vent plug.
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Office: 335-A R.S. Cristobal Sr. Street, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines 1008

Warehouse: Culianin, Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines

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